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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


In a message dated 11/16/2015 1:56:23 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

COUNTY OF WASHINGTON TENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT State of Minnesota,Village of Landfall, Case Type Criminal by and thro Sheriff' Bill Hutton Judge Tad Jude Deputy Brian Krook # 150 CN/ICR # 115033607 Plaintiffs Citation #820000013352 vs. William Paul Dahn MEMORANDUM SUPPORT Resident/Defendant DEFENDANTS MOTIONTO DISMISS/APPT.PUBLICDEFENDAR To; Plaintiffs,State of Minnesota,Village of Landfall and its Attorneys unk at this time
MN. Statute 609.50.1.3 on the Ticket apparantly MN.Statute 609.50 Defendant Bill Dahn Pleads Not Guilty, Request for Dismissal as NO INTENT. My life is in danger by some unknown Arsonist, Sheriffs are Terrorizing me. Constituting Major PTSD.609.50 OBSTRUCTING LEGAL PROCESS, ARREST, OR FIREFIGHTING.
Subdivision 1.Crime.
(1) obstructs, hinders, or prevents the lawful execution of any legal process, civil or criminal, or apprehension of another on a charge or conviction of a criminal offense;
(2) obstructs, resists, or interferes with a peace officer while the officer is engaged in the performance of official duties;
(3) interferes with or obstructs a firefighter while the firefighter is engaged in the performance of official duties;
to consider a complaint filed by Complainant on
October 8, 2015
that the Complaint set forth, there are no legal allegations made in the Citation. Statute as not applicable with Persons unknown are Terrorizing Me, setting Fire to my Trailer
Bill Dahn A Member Of The Watchdog Group.
POLICE BRUTALITY / Cop Watch / Cop Block
AFFIANT: Bill Dahn Washington County / Sheriff Office re Penality of Perjury. Verily believes Government Retaliation must stop.
REQUEST for any all Charges for DISMISSAL Bill Dahn
About 12:00 AM. on 10-8-2015 someone pounding on my door,
"Yelling Your Shed Is On FIRE...!"
I was sleeping on the sofa and was in shock when I stepped out the door and ran back and got my shoes.
The man who saved me and most of my belongings and I were standing together and I was talking about the Little Deputy who tased my room mate in the uppper neck / head area and the fire man were taking so long to get the equipment ready that I saw the side of my Mobile Home with flames on it, I as the home owner had the right to save my Home and anything I could and the "man in the news" about putting out the fire before the fireman arrived.
I get abused for being in "shock and I have "Petit Mal Seizures and MCS aka Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and was standing watching Me to homeless and out of here...!
I had "NO INSURANCE" to cover any of the damage and loss.
My 2 Cars were melting and the flames and smoke were scaring me as I am a 65 year old Disabled person with Epilepsy who lives alone.
I do not deserve this tyranny after the "tramau" from that night has me wouldering what they will try next to shut up Bill Dahn a well know "Whistle Blower on Government Waste...
We need to stop the erosion of our rights.
EQUAL TREATMENT unsure if these apparent Criminal Charges are Misleading the Court by Sheriff Brian Kook Badge 150
Humble reguest that the Hon Judge Tad Judge, former Legislator, Dismiss all Charges or in the Alternative appt a Public Defendar.
Or Award Punitive, Tort Damages to
I Bill Dahn ran for Landfall Mayor 2012
Bill Dahn
12 Garden Glen
Tenth Judicial District Judges

Whoever intentionally does any of the following may be sentenced as provided in subdivision 2:

Jude, Tad

District Court Judge

Counties: Washington

State Court Bio: View Bio
Motion Practice
  • How long do you normally allow per party for argument of non-dispositive motions? Varies with complexity
  • How long do you normally allow per party for oral argument of dispositive motions? 30 minutes to an hour
  • With respect to oral argument, do you prefer an attorney to not reiterate written material? No
  • Do you regularly conduct hearings and motions by phone? No
    If yes, please describe the procedure you would like attorneys to use to do so, including how testimony is to be transcribed and who puts the teleconference together:
  • State any specific procedures you would like attorneys in your courtroom to follow at motion hearings:
  • Do you like to receive courtesy copies of motion papers? yes
Discovery Disputes
  • Do you require counsel to "meet and confer" before bringing discovery disputes to a hearing? Yes
  • Will you accept telephone calls from attorneys to rule on discovery disputes that occur during the course of a deposition? Yes
Pretrial Procedures
  • When do you normally set the pretrial in relation to the trial? One month
  • Do you normally hear motions in limine at the pretrial? Yes
  • When are jury instructions due? Before trial
  • When are proposed special verdict forms due? Before trial
  • When do you require that final witness lists be exchanged and filed? One week prior to trial
  • When do you require that final exhibit lists be exchanged and filed? Two weeks prior to trial
  • Do you discuss settlement of the case with the parties at the time of the pretrial? Yes
  • State any specific procedures you would like attorneys to follow at the time of the pretrial:
Continuances and Changes in the Scheduling Order
  • For changes in the scheduling order, except date of trial: Submit a stipulated proposed order.
  • For changes on the date of trial: Submit agreement of parties or reason for change.
  • Under what circumstances would you consider granting a change in the trial date?
Civil Jury Trials
  • Do you perform preliminary voir dire? Yes
  • Do you place a time limit on voir dire by counsel? No
  • Is there subject matter you will not permit counsel to ask of the jury? Yes
    If yes, please explain:
  • Do you require counsel to sit or stand during questioning of witnesses? No preference
  • Do you require counsel to be behind counsel table unless counsel has a specific reason to approach a witness? No
  • Do you normally require counsel to meet each morning with the court before the jury comes into the courtroom? yes
    If yes, how many minutes before court commences? 15
  • I normally start jury trials at: 9:00 a.m.
  • I normally give the jury a break of 15 minutes in the morning.
  • I normally take a lunch break at: 12:00 Noon
  • I normally give the jury a break of 15 minutes in the afternoon.
  • I normally finish court for the day at: 4:30 p.m.
  • Do you permit jurors to:
    Take Notes: Yes
    Keep notes during deliberation? Yes
    Ask the witnesses questions? No
  • If counsel asks to approach to argue a ruling, do you generally: Allow counsel to approach.
  • Do you place a time limit on final argument? No
    If yes, If yes, what is the time limit?
  • When do you instruct the jury?
  • After argument and instructions, do you:
    Require counsel to be available by telephone? Yes
    Request that counsel remain at the courthouse during deliberations of the jury? No
    Take a verdict without counsel present and inform them after the verdict by telephone of the result? No
Sanctions of Counsel
  • Have you ever sanctioned counsel with imposition of a fine? No
    Or jail? No
  • Have you ever held counsel in contempt of court? No
  • Have you ever reported an attorney for unethical behavior? No
  • When, if ever, would you consider issuing sanctions, formal reprimands, holding an attorney in contempt, or reporting an attorney for unethical behavior? Depends on circumstances.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bill Dahn_Letter to Don Luna_St.Paul Police Minnesota

From:  Whistleblower

Sent: 11/1/2014 5:36:04 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Hello Minnesota's City, County, State Government

  • Jesse Ventura went to have Bill Dahn withdraw from the Reform Party and re-register as a Republican and that was part of what Jesse and his Campaign Manager Dean Barkley as they came to Bill Dahn's home on July 19, 1998 and this was the start of showing the people of Minnesota that Bill was pointing the finger at a dirty non-profit Org.that put bad formaldehyde soaked insulation in 200,000 homes in Minnesota.
    Bill Gahn
  • We All Can Do What We Think We Can, It The Biggest Part In Our Lives, Thoughts,
    The Will in Us, The Number One Sores Of Power in My Life IS Jesus Christ.
    Once We Really Know JESUS We Lose Our Fear Of Dying, That Point We Use Our Lives The BEST WE CAN FOR HIM...!

    Bill Dahn on BlogTalkRadio - October 4, 2012

    Bill Dahn on BlogTalkRadio - 10-4-2012
    And also make sure to watch the Leslie Davis Show for the actual video of the bribe and more context. Click

    Shoutouts to DF2 for ... 

Yes Good Place for it.
In a message dated 10/31/2014 12:17:55 P.M. Central Daylight Time,

Good Job do you want letter on
In a message dated 10/30/2014 10:45:33 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Hello Minnesota's Government,That's City,County & State
Bill Dahn, While I was a Candidate for Minnesota Governor on the Democratic Party August 2014...
July 2014 two fisical attacks 8 Days apart, the first attack happen at the Ramsey County Welfare Office
after I was in the first day of Jesse Ventura's Trial at the Federal Court on Robert and Kellogg.
Tom Hauser of Ch. 5 KSTP News Man and I walk across the street to the Ramsey County Welfare Office together, he used the men's room and I was talking to two Black Girls I known from Dorothy Day Center as I was "volunteering"with the JESUS DELIVERS FOOD MINISTRY for 22 Years, during those years I helped feed "hundred's of Thousands of people over the years.
A Ramsey County Deputy came over to me and said that I had to leave if I have no business there,
I was just turning around to see who said it and the County Deputy grabbed my left hand and twisted it to a point I was almost crying.
I went to the Woodwin's Hospital and they put a brace on my wrist.
8 Days later I stopped at St.Paul City Hall to say hello to all my friends in city / County Government,
went to Ward 2 City Councilman Dave Thune's Office and talked to his aide Barbara Benson awhile about old times when I called everyone in City, County, State and Federal Government and made many friends because I was blowing the Whistle on Government
Non Profit Agency's wasting tax payers "Dollars".
My Battle was with Ramsey Action Program aka Community Action Program, installing formaldehyde Soaked insulation with 15 times the "formaldehyde levels" over Minnesota's Health Department Standards.
Community Action Program of Minneapolis was in the NEWS for the Director misusing the
Federal Department Of Energy Money for staff to go on vacation at the Federal Governments Expense aka The Tax Payers.
Who is Bill Dahn ...?
I'm the person, That You wish You were...!
I Don't Back Down From Government and will stand up for all people who needs a louder voice to speak for them and their families.
I was walked on because I never knew my rights, that is Housing, Civil & Human Rights.
REMEMBER Martin Luther King Died For OUR RIGHTS...!
Don Luna said today 10-30-2014
that HE" Blocked my emails and never received the one below.
Unlawful Act by a City Police Internal Affairs Agent, who was Hired and swore that he would fulfill the position with the required Conduct of Conduct and Ethics.
NO CITY, COUNTY, or STATE Employees Can Block A Email.
You have to receive it and if you don't wish to read it, that is your prerogative.
being to a appointive office you can 'delete' it after receiving a email.
But You Can't Block any U S Citizens Email Mr. Donald Luna.
Sent: 10/28/2014 1:55:34 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Don Luna, about Loaves & Fishes
My Email will be sent to all, one for ACLU First Amendment Rights Violated and being a "Equal Candidate
for Governor August 2014...
Hello Don Luna
The Police Brutality Rally Oct. 22 at the 4th Precinct Police Station in Minneapolis was really peaceful and everyone was nice and polite, they only had a few Officers around and the one I was talking with was one of those real nice Policemen, like the ones we had on the West Side as we grew up .
Norm Coleman sent the police team to my home at 256 W. Morton St. many times to shut me up about Ramsey Action Program.
At least Art Garraro He was some what gentle person as he was putting me face down on the floor while having a gun to the back of my head.
Don you know my story better the most in this country, you went to Humboldt and
worked for Norm Coleman.
The Big Question is about the Democratic Party, were they happy that I screwed Norm Coleman's chance to be Governor in 1998...?
About St. Mathews Church and Loaves & Fishes Meals.
I went there with Rick Marx and Loraine Cruze, Loraine stop going to eat there about 6 Mo. ago because of the Director Amy was displaying a very un welcoming behavior and hurrying the guests through their meal stay for her and her son to handle.
Don Luna I'm typing this at Bill's home to let you know of my personal experience.
Thank you Don from Lorraine Cruz aka Obay. 10/25/14
We were sitting there and the one of the nice people working there for many years came over to me and said that Amy told her that I was band for a year and had to leave, I said that I call the St.Paul Police Cheiff's Office and spoke to Don Luna and he said as long as the is no restraining order on me I can come and eat.
Amy was moved to a different location.
Don I would like you to go to St Matt's with me and the people will tell you how Amy just stood across the table from me and just kept badgering me about no campaigning there and I said over and over that I just was the to eat.
while I was walking out Amy put her hands on me and started pushing me.
What ever she told your two hard on cops...? there was no asking me any questions, the one cop just grab my left hand that had the "Brace" on it from the Deputy's at the Welfare Office.
This time Don I will bring suit on the two officers and St.Paul who they are employed by and the City is responsible for the employees.
A suit on Amy and Loaves & Fishes and maybe the church.
Don in Jan. or Feb. of 1999 Sharon Anderson signed me up to speak at the Supreme Court before Allen Page on "frivolous law suits.
That morning I could read the law book and understand it, then in the afternoon at the Court I ask Allen if he remembered me from Payne Ave. we were friends back then and he didn't reply and he let me speak 13 minutes and there is a 5 minute limit.
Didn't stutter at all.
The was the start of learning the law,, I just study federal, criminal,civil and human right, housing, housig code election law are one big bullshit in Minnesota with Democrats.
So never think that Bill Dahn will just walk away from these two assaults on Bill Dahn as a Governors Candidate, then to enquire about the Ramsey County Civil Commitment Process and get "bullied" by some Ramsey County Employee assisted walking behind him for backup was Deputy Johnson to leave the building because I ask for Meghan Mohs.
Don I was in a rear ended accident on August 1, 2014 and then to be fuck with for "enquiring" about some
Non Profit Organization that suck in Tax Dollars from the TAX PAYERS and I know more then Government wants people to know and these suits will uncover a lot about how these Non Profits like Community Action Program Money ended up in pockets where it "Didn't Belong" and I was showing that from 1995.
Don either we work together as equals or I will show that these Ramsey County Deputy's and St.Paul Police are just little men with Napoleon Syndrome or they take to many "steroids and have a obsession of being the top dog and be the Sheriff or Chief and walk over anyone to get to the top.
If You or anyone think you and this county would ever try retaliate by trying to imprison me in any matter would show the public that because I was Blowing the Whistle on some Non Profit and I am a "Member" of Police Brutality, Cop Watch, and Cop Block.
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union - speaking for the people and I worked with them for years to help others who needed help communicating.
Do You Know About My Campaign Bus That Was In The Gang Strike Force Lawsuit...?
The Grand Master Said That West St.Paul Owes Me $39,200 For Illegally Towing My Campaign Bus On July 10 2003...
That was after Sharon Anderson and I were in West St. Paul Court for Alice Kringle of Allen St.
"John Shoemaker" said he would handle it for me and he said because it was towed illegally, they have too pay double, that means West St.Paul would have to fork out $78,400 for Bill Dahn's 2002 and 2003 Campaign Bus .
So He mention that if I need a lawyer for the brutal assaults that occurred in St.Paul that just call him and gave me his cell number.
That's the Bus the Mark Dayton paid for 6 used tires for it after the "Union Boy Drilled many holes in each tires and kicked in the windshield, and it was in the St.Paul Impound Lot 30 days and "drove it away with NO FEES OR FINES because Dayton work with me for years about my home

Just think Amy was stopping my First Amendment Right to speak with my friends and lady friends from all these years, I was eating at St. Matt's from the second day of serving, that was after the Neighborhood House ended eating there.
You seen the problems I stuttered all my life and not being able to speak on the phone with it taking a minute to say the first word.
I seen this and who ever put it up surely knew me along the way
JESUS CHRIST Gave me the ability to read and speak the same day.
  • - Similarto Bill Dahn
    B. Bi. Bil. Bill. Bill D. Bill Da. Bill Dah. i. hn. ll Da. ll Dahn'. l. l Dahn's. s. Dahn'. Dahn's5. D. ahn's 5. ah. y. n's 5. Da. ye. 's 5. Dah. n. ' ea. s 5 y. s 5 year. ahn.
Look at Homestead and there's a letter to Dean Barkley 6 months after Jesse and Barkley were at my home on July 19, 1998 from RAP'S Director Dale Anderson had sent to everyone but Me, that was dated December 15, 1998.
Pastor Peter Rodewald Gave Me His Copy.
Dean Barkley said on KSTP 1500 Radio in 2002 from Washington D.C.
I spoke to Janet Reno around the same time some one let there baby in a raft and the big thing was sending it back to Cuba and we spoke about that, the call lasted a hour & 10 minutes.
We spoke about Ramsey Action Program's Insulation with 15 times the MN .Health Dept. allows, I emailed and fax all the papers to her as we talked.
I had every ones phone numbers by there name and She personally called every one on that sheet to verify my complaint about Government fucking over Bill Dahn a Native American
How much do you feel..?
Bill Dahn What Do You feel I should get for the 1995 insulation installed problems by RAP, City, county, state and federal Bull Shit all of YOU'S Did To Me...!
Lost a home and every belonging I had on September 11, 2001

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bill Dahn4Mayor_Landfall_MN

 Community Volunteer
Listen to internet radio with DF2 on Blog Talk Radio

Volunteer:Truck Driver for the "Jesus Delivers" Food Ministry
Campaign phone no. 651 453 1992
Campaign e-mail:
Education: High School graduate
Occupation: technical Blacksmith Welder and Government Training Fetal Alcohol Syndrome for Native Americans Children  May 2003 

     Bill Dahn seeking the office Of Mayor  There is a current crisis in our city government, Clean up that illegally run government  by Mayor Feldbrugge .
Be in the front line keeping the legal system just for the average person. As a
working man I can empathize and understand the needs of the average
citizen and make sure the Office of the Mayor of Landfall shows equal care
and empathy. when it comes to the injustices of the past few years and we keep rental cheap  to help the less fortunate among us be housed.
 Mayor sould protect us from the injustice,being  the friend to citizens and the advocate to the people
 must protect the public safety and welfare from the corruption and fraud by government officials Further there must be a focus on prosecuting crimes that are covered up by
local city and county attorneys to keep these local officials accountable.
                     Enough is Enough

government, Clean up that illegally run government  by Mayor Feldbrugge .
Be in the front line keeping the legal system just for the average person. As a
working man I can empathize and understand the needs of the average
citizen and make sure the Office of the Mayor of Landfall shows equal care
and empathy. when it comes to the injustices of the past few years and we keep rental cheap  to help the less fortunate among us be housed.
 Mayor should protect us from the injustice,being  the friend to citizens and the advocate to the people
 must protect the public safety and welfare from the corruption and fraud by government officials Further there must be a focus on prosecuting crimes that are covered up by
local city and county attorneys to keep these local officials accountable.
Priorities of responsibility to the local individuals.
The first and foremost responsibility is to the individual citizens of the city

protection for any questionable conduct, discrimination, prejudice, abuse of power, or other
similar abuse by any local officials and  should be responsible for paying for and obtaining their own
legal counsel.
                     VOTE "Bill Dahn"
                       Landfall Mayor

Bill Dahn
Sioux & Ojibwa 408B19111
ECF:# P1291866