Three people are challenging mayor Greg Feldbrugge of Landfall in the November election -- in a time of unusual stress in the 700-population mobile-home park. In the past year the city attorney and the park manager were fired. The town voted to suspend a contract with Maplewood for police services, amid charges of racial profiling -- and then a city council member changed his mind, shifting the majority in support of the contract. Candidates have charged Feldbrugge with lying, and he has blamed the council for the city's problems. The Pioneer Press requested information for mini-profiles of mayoral candidates. One candidate whose name will be on the ballot -- Linda Lee Jacobs -- said in late September that she was dropping out of the race. Feldbrugge declined to provide information. BILL DAHN Age: 62 Education: High school graduate Occupation: Technical blacksmith welder Experience: Volunteer truck driver for the "Jesus Delivers" Food Ministry, and fetal alcohol syndrome government training for Native Americans, May 2003. Why should people vote for you? "The first responsibility is to citizens and holding officials accountable for questionable conduct, discrimination or abuse of power. I will clean up that illegally run government by Mayor Feldbrugge and make sure the mayor's office
shows equal care regarding recent injustices. I would also like to keep housing rental cheap." How people can reach you: 651-453-1992,,